Yi Dae-Hyun
Status Deceased
Nickname(s) Salmusa ("Asian Viper")
Death November 11, 2026
Nationality Korean
Family Kianna (wife, deceased)
Affiliations Korean People's Army
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Yi Dae-Hyun is a Korean operative and the main antagonist of Homefront: The Voice of Freedom.



Born to the son of a distinguished man in the North Korean regime in 1983, Yi Dae-Hyun's family granted special status due to his father's role in the assassinations of South Korean officials in Burma. With his special status, Yi became closely acquainted with a young Kim Jong-un. When the boys were of age, both were sent to the English-language International School of Bern in Switzerland. There they also studied martial arts together, conversed in foreign languages, and, while in Europe were inseparable. Yi always knew that his friend would be a better leader than his father.

By 2014, Yi was given a job in a hidden cell of the secret police to help shape the public opinion in the South. Yi was sent as a spy into the United States as an electronic salesman to help gauge America's internal situation, and took an American wife of Korean ethnicity, Kianna, to bolster his cover.

Occupation of AmericaEdit

Yi takes on the code name Salmusa and becomes a pointman for the occupation of western America. He is ruthless in leadership, executing Americans at any chance out of a drilled hatred. He highly respects Kim Jong-un in an almost religious manner, making him an almost replica of a Nazi officer. Salmusa even forces several of his own men into fatal situations with only his personal goals and gain in mind. He orders the mass arrests and killings of American dissidents, the bombing of Las Vegas and overseeing of Operation Watersnake.

Salmusa participated in the relentless search for the Voice of Freedom, Ben Walker, because of his value to the American Resistance. His pursuit led him to the irradiated Mississippi River in St. Louis, where Salmusa was the only man equipped in a hazmat suit that protected him from the irradiated fumes in which his disregard for his men caused them to become too sick to move. He later had AH-64 Apache helicopters in destroying a lone tank and the New Chain of Rocks Bridge in which he believed he had killed Walker. But to his disbelief, he then noticed Walker crossing the old Chain of Rocks Bridge. Too late to contact for any help and alone, Salmusa took upon himself to stop his fugitive by madly trying to run him down in a Humvee. But Walker had laid C-4 charges on the bridge and causing Salmusa to plunge to his death into the irradiated river.


"For 250 years, the United States of America had dominated the globe. She had managed to thwart mighty Britain until the United Kingdom was a mere shadow of her former self. America defeated Germany twice, even pushing back the powerful Nazis and destroying Hitler’s plans of world conquest. The North American country even stomped on Imperial Japan, reducing that proud nation to rubble until the Land of the Rising Sun became a subservient pawn in U.S. superiority."
— Salmusa