William Simpson
Status Deceased
Nickname(s) Mayor Simpson
Birth 1956
Death 2029 (age 73)
Nationality American
Affiliations North Korea
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution

William Simpson was the main antagonist of Homefront: The Revolution. He was a American collaborator of the North Korean occupation and the Administrator of Occupied Philadelphia.


Prior to the Korean occupation, Simpson was the Warden of Riverside Penitentiary who abused his station. Among them was torturing and sexually abusing his prisoners, including future Resistance member Dana Moore.[1] After the North Korean invasion, Simpson felt that there was no hope to repel the North Koreans so he decided to collaborate to best ensure the welfare of his people.

In 2029, Simpson had the well known Benjamin Walker under his custody. He had Walker broken into submission and used him as a trap for the Resistance after requesting the aid of his fellow collaborator and double agent James Crawford. However, the key members of the Resistance managed to escape despite the KPA launching a coordinated strike on Resistance strongholds in Philadelphia.


Simpson in the last moment of his life before Dana kills him.

The Resistance retaliated by launching an uprising in the city's prison area and managed to infiltrate Independence Hall and taking Simpson hostage on live television. Simpson pleaded with Jack Parrish that the Resistance's rebellion would force the KPA to kill every American in the city with nerve gas in which they had done this before with Boston and Pittsburgh, that the public and the Resistance weren't aware of. But Simpson was stabbed in the throat by a vengeful Dana before he can reveal the KPA's plan of gassing the city, which eventually came to fruition.

During the events of Aftermath, Benjamin Walker can be heard reading a KPA-sponsored speech in which he labels Mayor Simpson as heading a corrupt regime; this shows that the KPA have since disavowed the actions of Mayor Simpson and now use him as an example of the corruption of American leadership.

Personality Edit

Even prior to becoming a KPA collaborator, Simpson has a history of abusing power and engaging in depraved activities, such as sexually and physically abusing prisoners in Riverside. Simpson was somewhat sadistic and perverted, as shown when he gloats to Dana about his history of abusing her after trapping her and the Resistance.

Despite his amoral nature, he is shown to be cowardly, as seen when he expresses great panic and fear when Dana, Jack and Brady apprehend and force him to call upon Philadelphia to resist the KPA. Simpson claims that he is protecting Philadelphia; by collaborating with the KPA and suppressing the resistance he is preventing KPA from killing the city's population with lethal gas. Whether this claim is true or not is unknown. However, Simpson appeared to remain loyal to the KPA until the end of his life.


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