I'm leaving this here in case somebody finds it someday.

About a week ago, a Peacekeeper woke me up before the others and brought me to the garage. They loaded me into a wagon, drove me out to this Red Zone, and kicked me out the back. Just left me here. Ain't no rhyme or reason why they done it.

I managed to get out of them plastic ties they use as cuffs and I been wandering around since then. I like it out here. It's quiet and there are plenty of places to sleep. Gets kinda cold at night, but I been cold before. Least I ain't wet.

Food was harder to come by at first, but I seen those symbols painted on the walls that lead to a whole bunch of stuff. Mostly bullets and chemicals with names I never heard of, but sometimes canned food. The signs says it's okay to take what you need, so I take the food. Got no need for the rest.

Dunno where I'm gonna go or what I'm gonna do next. All I do know is it's good to be free again. I hope if you're reading this, you're free too.

Your pen-pal

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