Wall of The Lost

Wall of the Lost Shown on a Loading Screen during Homefront's Gameplay...

The Wall of the Lost Is known to be a Memorial which featured Unknown people who had died away during the Korean Occupation of America. It is however presumed that the Wall of the Lost, is mostly a memorial created by the American Resistance, to Identify Deceased Resistance cells or Family members that have died away during the early days of the Occupation.

The Wall of the Lost never makes an actual appearance in the game, due to the Wall being inentified in a Wallpaper to be located in Colorado Springs in the year 2026, however it is likey that if the Player enters the Camp from the Mission Level It is possible that the man who diverted Connor, Robert and Hopper to Arnie in the back was over looking the Wall of The Lost, it is also possible that the Wall of the Lost is in the Camp, but is highly unknown.

It is also known to have appeared several times in the Homefront Loading Screens.

Trivia Edit

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