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Utah is the 45th state of the United States of America. When the economy started to crumble in the U.S., survivalist literature became very popular, causing many Survivalists camps to form in rural areas like Utah. In 2025, when the Korean People's Army started its invasion of the United States, many in Utah retreated to these Survivalist camps in the vast countryside. Its capital city, Salt Lake City, was destroyed on May 26th, 2026 by KPA using MiG-29 fighter jets. There are two known American Resistance cells in Utah, based in Provo and Bryce Canyon.

Games Homefront
Location United States of America

In 2027, after escaping Montrose, Colorado, a group of American Resistance fighters, Connor Morgan, Robert Jacobs, Hopper Lee and Rianna headed into Utah to meet up with a Survivalist camp that had a helicopter they needed. The Survivalists held little, if no allegiance toward the Resistance, so when they learned that Boone was dead the deal for the helicopter quickly turned to violence. The Resistance members were forced to sneak through the camp, killing fellow Americans, in order to reach the helicopter. While in the camp they witnessed several captured KPA soldiers being tortured and/or being used for slave labor. A KPA scout helicopter was patrolling the area offering a reward for the Resistance fighters, when it was shot down. A three way firefight soon erupted between the Survivalists, the Resistance fighters, and the KPA soldiers that survived the crash. Eventually the Resistance fighters made it to the helicopter and escaped the camp, heading for Nevada where the fuel tankers - vital to their plan - were located.