• Rliant1864

    The PS3 update designed to improve online and offline stability has been released in North, Central, and South America as well as in Europe. While no specific fixes were stated in the news release, Kaos Studios says that it will help with multiplayer freezing and server crashes. The update is not yet available in Asia yet, but Kaos Studios says they are doing final testing and will be releasing it to their Asian customers soon.

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  • Rliant1864

    Kaos Studios has announced that it has a released a tool exclusively for Steam players that allows them to set up and manage their own multiplayer servers.

    Features Include:

    • Server Name
    • Password
    • Max Team Kills/Boot team killers
    • Max Players
    • Respawn and Round Timers
    • Score Limits
    • VAC Secured Toggle
    • Friendly Fire Toggle
    • Auto Team Balancing Toggle
    • Disable Vehicles Toggle
    • Record Game Toggle
    • Player List
    • Ban Lists

    And more options for designated server administrators.

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