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    Homefront PC Review

    March 15, 2011 by Omnicube1

    So my review for Homefront for the PC, overall not a disappointment...

    • Overall a great thrilling campaign, but sort of the usual. Unlike Call of Duty, this game is not really run and gun, atleast for the campaign. Great storyline and if you are that kind of gamer who loves a good story...then buy a copy and indulge in it.

    • The campaign is so God-damn short! Took me at least 2 hours and 30 minutes. Another downside is the orders. There is no sense of going Rambo, it's always stick with your team. The graphics aren't that great either, a lot of clipping and few dead body glitches here and there.

    • 8/10

    • It's where CoD multiplayer meets Battlefield multiplayer. Teamwork is somewhat emphasized in game and the vehicles are pretty balanced (after about 45 m…

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  • Omnicube1

    A recent IGN news article posed the question: Is Homefront Possible?

    They posed 5 different subjects:

    1. An all-powerful North Korea forming in just about 2 years?
    2. Rapid annexation over all of Asia
    3. A huge oil crisis
    4. Chinese support? Who are they fighting for or against?
    5. Why the US as the main target?

    All these questions are answered here - Is Homefront Possible?

    It probably could not happen in two years time since North Korea is not economically prepared for an all-out invasion of America and to take over Asia since China seems to be better allies with us then their Communist counter-parts and the support of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

    What do you think? Is it possible?

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