Well I just saw the announcement for Homefront: The Revolution AKA Homefront 2 and all I can say is that it looks absolutely amazing. It feels even more alive than in the first game where I can tell they try to make us connect with the civilians, but it failed because we used a Press X to Speak button. I would have liked it if we just walked around and listened on current active dialogue like an open world, which the sequel is going for to make it feel more alive than in the last gen linear shoot em ups. 

Now, what did we learned from this new game. Well, it takes place four years after the original Homefront and America is still under control by the Greater Korean Republic, which feels odd considering the ending of Homefront. What? Was the battle of San Franscisco pointless? I don't know and it better not be otherwise I might treat this like the true Homefront game instead of the THQ or Kaos Studio one. The setting takes place in Philadelphia which is also odd considering the Koreans owned the west side of the US. I guess Washington DC and the GKR broke down on land settlement or the GKR just invaded them by force.

So far, the character we're going to play as is Ethan Brady, an everyday man with no type of military training at all which could feel interesting considering most main characters go for active or former military soldiers. There's also going to be a four player cooperative where you get to fight in the 'ever shifting battlefield' AKA online cooperative mode.

Finally, we learned about the gameplay which is going to be open world and dynamic, but still feel scripted. You know Crytek, if you want it to feel open world, make the scripting unpredictable. We also apparenlty going to scavenge the world to customize our weapons and heck unlike the first game, we're going to use molotov cocktails. Another thing is that we also get to use a remote car packed with explosive bombs and the way it works is that it is going to use the Goliath's POV system, possibly taking to take a nod at the original game. Maybe a Korean American helped created them, thought it might not be correct.

Finally, it's the graphics for the trailer. If the gameplay looks as amazing as the announcement trailer, then I'm invested to see this game through if it does well with reviews by launch time. Here, it feels like it took time to develop whereas in the other game it felt rushed, but that was THQ trying to push out their own COD franchise and it would've worked if it took more time.

And that's apparently all I know so far, so in the meantime keep an eye out for the E3 gameplay

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