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One of the major problems facing the governments of the two Koreas has been what to do
with all the North Koreans. Lacking in any kind of technical skills, and in many cases any
sense of personal identity, the utility of the citizenry remained a puzzle. The majority of
the military, 4 million strong (2.4 million of which are in the reserves), will be integrated into
existing South Korean military structure. It is expected that many North Korean officers will
be discharged or demoted, posted under South Korean officers until their qualifications can
be judged.

"Many of the officers in the North Korean military got to where they are not through any
particular set of skills," said a spokesman for the NK military, "but through loyalty to the
party and to Kim Jong-il. We're looking for the diamonds in the rough - talented
generals that genuinely want to rebuild our two nations." South Koreans reacted positively
to this news; military service in South Korea is compulsory but unpopular - the hope is that
this move will make a compulsory service unnecessary.

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