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Unidentified Couple
Young Couple in Seattle
Status Unknown (Possibly Alive)
Birth 1997 or 1998
Affiliations Unknown
Rank Non
Weapon M4 Carbine
"A young Couple Seeks Defense and Medical supplies in an Abandon Super Market in Seattle Washington January 12th 2026..."
— Info on Loading Screen

The Young Couple is a Duo of an Unidentified couple who are basically unknown to the Homefront Game, but is likely fighting for self defense against the Greater Korean Republic in Washington State (Now Federation of Washington) in the city of Seattle.

The events and major effects on how this couple came to be remain unknown as they're only appearence in the game is shown dramatically on a Loading screen, where the duo are shown to be living inside an abandon Supermarket in Seattle, hinting that the duo might have been born from Seattle.

The Fate of this unidentified couple prior to the Battle of San Francisco remains unknown, but it is likely that the duo are still residing in the Abandon Supermarket in Seattle in order to keep a low profile against KPA Patrols. It was also hinted that the age of the young couple was known to be some where in the early to late 20's.

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