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The United Nations today, led by the United States, passed a resolution condemning the
recent destruction of a Japanese nuclear power plant by the Korean military as a human
rights violation. Many of the countries that signed the resolution have already expressed
concern over Korea's growing power in the region, and see this demonstration of power as a
sign that Korea is willing to take extreme measures against perceived enemies. The UN
adopted the non-binding text, proposed by the US on behalf of Japan, with a vote of 46
states in favor and 11 against.

The nations that voted against the resolution include Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines,
Thailand, and Cambodia - all nations that have provided the Koreans with material support
and are suspected of holding closed-door trade discussions with the East Asia power.
Korea responded to the resolution by pulling its envoy to the UN from Brussels, completely
disengaging from the body and fueling speculation that only the threat of force would bring
the country in line.

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