UH-60 Black Hawk
Black Hawk
Vehicle type Transport Helicopter
Games found Homefront
Levels found Freedom, Heartland
Maps found None
Faction Korean People's Army, United States Armed Forces
Crew Three (Pilot, Co-pilot, Crew Chief) and multiple nonessential occupants.

The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is American-made transport/utility helicopter.


The Black Hawk is a famed transport helicopter that is used for many search and rescue missions. Many organizations and militaries from around the world used it, including the Japanese Self Defense Force and the South Korean military. It was used by the United States Armed Forces until the occupation. After the occupation is unclear if the USAF still use the Black Hawk. Some Black Hawks were captured and are used as transport for the high-ranked officers and officials for the Korean People's Army. It is also highly possible that the Black Hawks used by the KPA are from the former South Korean Army and Japanese Self Defense forces.

Korean People's Army VersionEdit

The KPA version is the former South Korean version, the UH-60P Blackhawk Transport/Utility helicopter. This version has been used during their full-scale assault on the United States. There are several engine and systems differences between the standard U.S version (The UH-60M) and the KPA version. These include multiple modifications and additions, including a two 50 cal. machine guns; as well as the olive green colors and the Greater Korean Republics symbol. They also use the former Japanese version of the Blackhawk, the UH-60J, as part of their Navy and Marines operations.


Black Hawks can be seen and heard in the background multiple times during missions in the Homefront campaign. After the Resistance rescues Robert Jacobs from the KPA in Why We Fight, a UH-60 is seen flying over the White Castle. It is seen later in the mission dropping troops at the crashed airplane. It then fires a missile, barely missing Jacobs. Colonel Jeong can be seen exiting a UH-60 as he searches for fugitive resistance members - including Jacobs, Hopper, and Conner - at a mass grave dump site in the second mission, Freedom. During Firesale, a Black Hawk is seen dropping KPA soldiers through a hole in the box store's roof. Also in the mission Heartland, Survivalist RPG's shoot down a Korean UH-60 Black Hawk performing scout duties over the massive zones of abandoned land.

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