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A Troop Transport in the Farm (viewed from a Humvee)

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Troop Transports were vehicles used by the KPA to transport and deploy their troops.


Troop Transports are medium-sized cargo trucks with seating beds. Like all other KPA vehicles, they are colored olive green/grey with the Greater Korean Republics symbol at the sides.


The were presumably used during the invasion of Hawaii, The West Coast and the Midwest by the Korean People's Army of the Greater Korean Republic.

During the second year after the occupation of the U.S., while Robert Jacobs and his team were retreating from the crashed bus, they encountered groups of enemies attacking them. Very soon, Troop Transports rolled in to deploy more troops in order to stop Jacobs and his team. However Conner Morgan planted an idea in his head and shot the gasoline tanks at the nearby gas station. It exploded, and all of the enemy KPA soldiers and Troop Transports were immediatley set into flames. After this, Jacobs and his team quickly left the area.

At the end of Firesale, the Resistance managed to secure two KPA Troop Transports in the parking lot. The Resistance cells managed to escape the burning box store with the KPA hot on their tails. Robert Jacobs was able to use Goliath in the rear of the convoy to eliminate pursuing Humvees and an Attack Helicopter. As well as a highway overpass to end the KPA's chase.


The Troop Transports are seen in Multiplayer, however they cannot be used nor can they be bought, as they are not an available vehicle.
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1. Homefront, Chapter I: Why We Fight


In Freedom, it is possible to drive a troop truck by getting out of the map just after the checkpoint 'Meeting with Rianna'

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