UN Observer Report:

There are ever increasing reports that remnant US military forces are amassing in hidden locations across the country. The people fear all-out war with the KPA although no one is under any illusion that no force mounted could stand up to the advanced, Apex powered Korean military. The so called, 'Voice of Freedom' Benjamin Walker also encourages people to refuse Korean aid and stand up for freedom and liberty.

In response to these rumors and the latest wave of anti-Korean propaganda, the KPA introduced more security checkpoints and restricted travel between cities across the entire country. There has been a lot of public outcry concerning these new measures but the KPA occupational administration assured the population that these measures were necessary for the safety and security of all American citizens as well as Korean aid workers.

KPA reinforcements have been pouring into Philadelphia for over a week now and there seems to be a lot of anxiety across the city. People are concerned with such an obvious and literal show of force. I have been able to observe not just fully armored infantry but support vehicles, drones, and airships. THe KPA are taking the threat of military action seriously but their reactions has been so fast, it almost feels like they were prepared for this scenario. You can't walk a few paces in Philadelphia without seeing the KPA presence and I have received several reports confirming the same situation in many other major cities.

Although Mayor Simpson himself claimed the tough new measures are temporary, I can't help but shake the feeling like this was all well-rehearsed and this may be the new long-term norm for citizens of a Korean occupied America.

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