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In 2025, Greater Korean Republic orchestrated a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on the American mass transit systems in several major cities across the United States. It gave way to the GKR's cyber-attack on the U.S. government, the subsequent EMP blast over the continental United States, and eventually, the Korean-American War.

Prelude Edit

The United States, since 2001, has been fighting terrorism abroad following the wake of the 9/11 attacks. The country, along with their NATO allies, invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to rid the elements of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The country also deployed troops around the world to fight terrorists causing trouble.

By 2012, the United States began pulling out its troops from the Middle East. This was because of the economic crisis at home and the unpopularity of the war. Because of the economic crisis and the U.S. dollar almost collapsing, the United States military lost its prestiege. After this, several bases across Europe and Asia were also closed, - the latter due to nationalist movements in Korea and Japan.

The following year, in 2013, the U.S.-South Korea alliance finally gave way as the entire Korean Peninsula integrated into the Greater Korean Republic. The same thing happened in Japan. Slowly by slowly, the United States began to loose its superpower status to the new East Asian country. Five years later, in 2018, the GKR invaded Japan following the killing of ethnic Koreans in the Japan. The GKR was condemned by majority of the United Nations members.

As the 2020s came, the United States was badly affected with the economic crisis, added worse with the Knoxville Cough with Canada and Mexico closing its borders. By this time, the GKR was the leading superpower of the world and was the leader of foreign affairs. Several people in the United States suspected that the GKR was planning something sinister following the GKR's invasion of Japan, but these thoughts were shrugged off as majority focused on things at home. This beliefs would soon be proven true as the GKR inserted several sleeper agents within the United States, ready to attack at the orders of Kim Jong-un.[1]

The Attacks Edit

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Aftermath Edit

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Targets Edit

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Denver, CO
  • Houston, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York City, NY


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