Favicon homefront
Super V SMG
Super V SMG
Unlocked at 9
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition .45 ACP
Used by

The Super V SMG is a submachine gun featured in Homefront.


Uses an asymmetrical system to reduce recoil. It allows operators to put more rounds on-target at close range. Extended magazine comes standard. The weapon is chambered for the 45 ACP handgun caliber round giving it high stopping power.


One can be found in the armory along with various other weapons in Freedom after meeting Rianna.

It is used by the KPA on Golden Gate. It can be found with or without an ACOG sight or holographic sight. It runs through ammunition very quickly due to its high rate of fire, but is very common on the final level making for easy resupply.


The Super V SMG is unlocked at level 9.

It boasts a higher rate of fire than the PWS Diablo SMG, making it good for combat at close range.Recoil is relatively low compared to weapons in other classes, but muzzle climb is more pronounced than the PWS Diablo SMG's. The Super V SMG also has smaller magazines than the PWS Diablo SMG, with 26 rounds per mag. As a result, the Super V SMG has inferior accuracy and effectiveness at range compared to the PWS Diablo SMG.


Homefront Gameplay Respect my Humvee son featuring the Super V 27-611:59

Homefront Gameplay Respect my Humvee son featuring the Super V 27-6

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