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Su-47 Prototype

The Su-47 Berkut is a Russian forward swept-wing, supersonic jet fighter used by the Korean People's Army. The Su-47 Berkut was seen in the Cinematic Opening when the KPA first invaded San Francisco. They were also seen flying over Montrose during The Wall. It was seen running airstrikes on the civilian population in retaliation for the American Resistance's actions in Firesale.

The Su-47 Berkut was used by the Korean People's Army during the Battle of San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge.


  • The Su-47 Berkut is currently an experimental fighter used by the Russian Air Force for the developement of future fighters such as the Su-35 and the PAK-FA.
  • The Su-47 variant depicted in Homefront comes from another Kaos game "Frontlines: Fuel of war" where it is known as the Su-48.
  • The Su-47s depicted in the cinematic opening are actually American F-117 Nighthawks. Since no known Su-47 has ever flown over San Francisco, this is understandable.  

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