California joined Texas and Florida in enacting strict border control policies with the states
along their northern borders. Meant to curb the influx of starving, freezing Americans from
the north, the policies have been met with controversy and outrage. California has seen
hundreds of thousands of citizens flocking south looking for work and food, and have been
met with rejection and in some cases violence.

"We're stretched beyond capacity all over the state," said Kathy Griffiths in a statement to
the national press. "California has to worry about is own citizens, the majority of whom are
without work and are forced to go hungry. We don't like turning our backs on American
citizens, but our backs are to the wall here. We have to protect Californians." Griffths
called on the federal government to aid in California's quest to put an end to illegal border
crossings. The National Guard has been used on several occasions to beef up security at
checkpoints along the state line, but the federal government is also stretched thin as it tries
to send aid to the beleaguered and freezing northern states.

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