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1948-Present (The Revolution)

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

Homefront TimelineEdit

South Korea began to open dialogue with North Korea after Kim Jong-un succeeded Kim Jong-il and started a dramatic series of reforms and talks of reconciliation with the South. Ultimately in 2013, after a year of intensive negotiations, South Korea established a peace treaty with the North and ended their armistice while also planning for reunification.[1]

The aftermath of the peace talks created a wave of nationalism throughout the Korean peninsula. Furthermore, the South Korean government strongly called for the withdrawal of American military forces in the country since their presence has become moot.[2] However, the other reasons for the end of the American/South Korean military alliance was due to the rise of recent anti-American sentiment in which the South Korean government directly blamed the United States for causing the global economic downturn that had affected their country. To the contrary, South Korea's afflicted economy was in reality caused by the complicated and stressful process of re-integrating millions of poor, unskilled North Korean laborers into the regional economy.[3] By 2015, South Korea was reunified with North Korea and becoming a part of the Greater Korean Republic.[4]

Revolution TimelineEdit

Four decades after the Korean War, in 1997, South Korea formally established peace with North Korea. After North Korea opens its borders to the South, APeX Computers invests heavily in factories across South Korea for the manufacturing of APeX technology.


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