San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
Games Homefront
Location California, United States

San Francisco is a major city in California, that fell into the hands of the Greater Korean Republic during the Korean-American War in 2025. The city was used as the supreme headquarters for the Korean People's Army's North American forces, and is also widely known for its massive riots in 2025, including the Sierra Street Uprising two years later.

San Francisco was eventually liberated by American forces in the Battle of San Francisco in late 2027.

HIstory Edit


A KPA Soldier waves a burning American Flag in San Francisco (2025).

In 2025, San Francisco was invaded by the KPA. The city subsequently became the headquarters for the New Korean Federation of Occupied America.[1] Angel Island also became an important communications outpost for the KPA with Alcatraz Island becoming an outpost for the imprisonment and re-education of California techies and engineers.


A homeless boy encounters a KPA Soldier in Occupied San Francisco on July 17th 2026. According to the screen the soldier let the boy go.

During the early days of the Occupation race riots were common in San Francisco, targeting East Asian Americans, specifically Korean-Americans. Hopper Lee lived in the city and suffered in these riots in which his face was badly scarred when his house was burned down by rioters. The riots eventually died down after the KPA established law and order.

In 2027, United States Armed Forces launched a massive coordinated attack on San Francisco and San Diego; U.S. ground, naval and air forces were successful in securing key footholds in the attack, and were possibly successful in taking the cities. American forces in San Francisco focused largely on taking the Golden Gate Bridge to secure a foothold into the city and destroy KPA anti-aircraft guns positioned on the bridge, allowing American air support into the city. Launching from Sausalito, they attacked the northern part of the bridge. AH-700 Scout helicopters attempted to land troops under the bridge, but only to be forced to land near the Lime Point Lighthouse, which housed an enemy barracks and a T-99 MBT.

Alcatraz Island was secured by Seal Team One, and the Angel Island Communication Station was destroyed by artillery from Firebase Bravo called in by Sierra Actual. The U.S. Army has successfully taken back the city, but it suffered heavy casualties. With it, the offensive attack on San Francisco proved to be a major turning point of the occupation and the first major American victory since the start of the occupation. The victory prompted the European Union to call an emergency meeting to consider military support for the United States.[2]



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