Frustrated by an inconsistent food supply, some enterprising individuals in downtown
Rochester, New York have embraced an old-fashioned way of life. Reminiscent of the
'victory gardens' from World War II, more and more rooftops and balconies are speckled
with patches of green bearing fruit and vegetables.

"I have a three year old boy," Amanda Kratzert told as we toured the extensive garden
on the roof of the three-story building she rents a floor of. "I want to make sure that he has
fresh, healthy vegetables year-round and isn't forced to rely on government rations." Mrs.
Kratzert shares the roof with the other two families that live in the building. "We all work
together to provide food for our families and all take an equal share. It's worked out really

The Kratzerts aren't alone in their agricultural endeavors. All across upstate New York,
families are building gardens and miniature farms to supply fresh food to eat and barter
with. In many towns and cities, local governments have thrown out regulations banning
livestock which has led to an explosion of backyard chicken and goat pens. Pleasant
as these personal farming operations are, they are a reminder of just how much America has
changed since the Great Arab War disrupted global energy supplies.

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