The KPA have established relief stations across the entire continent, a logistical feat worth praise in itself. They also restored order and have people some reassurances of peace and stability. The rioting stopped, the criminals were caught and removed from the population centres. The KPA have committed a huge amount of resources to the operation. Some of the photographs taken of the navy fleet are astounding. I cannot recall a time in modern history where such a large force of navy vessels has been gathered. Realistically though, the peace was not going to last.

We heard rumours of small groups of people rebelling against the KPA in several cities. These situations were quickly and quietly put down before news could spread very far. Some people, despite the obvious aid the KPA were providing didn't like the idea of a foreign force occupying America. Whilst this is an understandable and expected reaction from a minority of small minded patriots, to see it manifest in such an ugly way was rather shocking. The KPA have bee very open with their messaging on why they are here and what they wish to achieve. They blast constant messages from their patrol cars and air ships to reassure people that they are here only to help and restore order.

I don't think anyone would have blamed the KPA if they had gone at these rebel patriots with full force. They were a threat to their authority and undermined the peace efforts significantly by spreading anti-Korean propaganda and attacking KPA personnel. Instead the KPA kept a very level head and acted with resistant and only the necessary amount of force. The fact they do not wish to incite more civil unrest is a commendable stance and a very sound strategy. Let's hope that this trend continues in the future.

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