(Retrieved from a hacked KPA National Logistics Office and translated.)

Progress on dig site 02 proceeds on schedule. We should hit our first milestone for resource gathering on the projected date. We have already begun scouting for further sites of beneficial resources using drones to survey the nearby regions.

As anticipated we have encountered some resistance from local paramilitary forces attempting to halt our operations. They achieved some early successes by sabotaging a number of our excavators and mobile refinery vehicles but we located their outposts and scattered them to the wind. We do not expect to suffer any further setbacks as a result of the hostilities.

I spoke with other commanders earlier this week and we have agreed that the complete operation to harvest all of the natural resources on this continent is currently working on schedule and that we have acquired 15% of the known resources. I am sure you will agree that this is an incredible achievement so early in the operation and if we continue at this pace we may be able to spend more time scouting for additional, hidden pockets, or complete our mission ahead of projections.

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