Resistance Mode is a new Co-Op mode made for Homefront: The Revolution Homefront: The Revolution's co-op mode is called Resistance Mode, a "brand new four-player co-operative online experience." In it, players form a "Resistance Cell" online and wage battle in KPA-occupied Philadelphia. Freedom Fighters can be customized as teams "go from rookie civilians to battle hardened soldiers." Progressing through battles unlocks new skills, weapon blueprints, "rare equipment and combat gear." Dambuster Studios would release mission packs for the cooperative multiplayer, with the first set of missions to be released a month after the game's launch. Dambuster Studios stated that they will support Resistance Mode for 12 Months of free content.

There are various unlocks that can be obtained at random from crates and is split into two main categories, Gear which offer passive benefits in game, and Vanity items which are cosmetic items to change the look of the player's character[1].


  1. Homefront the Revolution: All Vanity (Cosmetic) Items - YouTube

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