Resistance (Homefront)
American Resistacne
Appears in Homefront

Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Country United States
Active 2025-Present

The Resistance is an American underground guerrilla movement that fought against the Korean occupation of the United States. It is made up of American civilians fighting to break the occupation. For the past two years of the occupation, many Resistance cells used guerrilla tactics, salvaged weapons, years of training, stealing Korean technology, and joined side by side to take back the mainland hoping to free their nation.


In 2027, the American Resistance cell in Montrose, Colorado aided U.S. Armed Forces in their counter-offensive in the West Coast by providing them recovered fuel. Although the Montrose cell succeeded, the KPA retaliated by destroying their headquarters and bombing Montrose.

The Resistance participated in retaking San Francisco. The San Francisco attack marked the turning point in America's war against the Korean occupation, inspiring Americans throughout the country to rise up against the GKR and encouraging the European Union to reconsider their neutrality and plan military aid for the United States.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The Resistance uses any weapons they manage to salvage from both the United States military and and the bodies of slain Korean soldiers. The most common weapon the Resistance uses is the M4 Carbine. Effective fighting vehicles are in short supply for the Resistance and most vehicles captured from the U.S. military were recommissioned for use by the NKA, so most cells make use of whatever vehicles they are able to capture.

Known cellsEdit

There are numerous Resistance cells, training centers and other locations based throughout occupied America.


  • Flagstaff- Resistance cell


  • Montrose - Resistance cell, formed April 4th, 2026
  • Gunnison - Resistance cell


  • Eastern Kansas - The Resistance operates a radioactive recovery center, to aid victims of Operation Water Snake.
  • Wichita - Resistance training center

North DakotaEdit

  • In Southeastern North Dakota, the Resistance operates an insurgent training facility.


  • San Antonio


  • Provo - Resistance cell




  • Many unnamed Resistance Members can be seen on the level, "The Wall".

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