Jimmy 'Jimbo' Charles. Best friend I ever had.

Known Jimmy since pre-school. First day he tells me he's my long lost brother. I believed him, and from that day to this, that's exactly what we've been. Brothers.

So many stories.

I remember this one time (of many) we were trying to pick up these chicks in a bar, Jimmy told them we were marines, shipping out in the morning to help freedom fighters in the Congo or some shit. Not only did that line work, but it's how I met my ex-wife.

Yesterday Jimmy took a Goliath round square to the face that left a hole big enough to fit your head through. That was the first thing I thought when I saw him there on the ground. 'Damn, Jimmy, I could fit my head through that hole in your face.' Weird the shit that goes through your head sometimes.

We always said we'd stick together, no matter what.

Tomorrow I'm strapping a bomb to myself and running at the first Nork patrol I find.

Be with you soon Jimbo.

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