First combat situation today. It was chaos. A nightmare made real. Norks just kept coming, running out of the smoke and fire like demons, come to drag all us sinners to hell.

You're just shooting back at where the bullets are coming from, praying you don't get hit. Then it stops. The dust settles. And you realise you just killed another human being.

This living breathing person who had friends and family just like you, and used to do stuff just like you did. Used to brush their teeth, listen to music, made plans, and probably had a sweetheart. They probably looked up at the same piece of sky you did that morning.

Now all that's gone, because you pulled a trigger.

I think to kill another is the worst thing a person can do. I know we're fighting for freedom, but knowing I ended someone's life makes me sick to my core. I don't want that on my conscience, but it's there now. It's there to stay.

Today I leave the resistance.

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