Raptor 1-4
Status Dceased
Death 2027
Nationality American
Affiliations United States Armed Forces
Appears in Homefront

Raptor 1-4 is the call sign of an AH-700 Scout pilot in the United States Armed Forces.[1]


Raptor 1-4 lifted off with multiple other AH-700s to assault the Golden Gate Bridge with the rest of Raptor 1. When they neared the bridge KPA RPG teams opened fire, and Raptor 1-4 was hit by a stray rocket and crashed into the side of the bridge. Raptor 1-1 reported the crash to Warpath, who then launched a search and rescue mission for any survivors. Despite this, it is likely that they were all either killed by the RPGs, died in the crash or drowned.


  1. Golden Gate

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