Raptor 1-2
Nationality American
Affiliations United States Armed Forces
Appears in Homefront

Raptor 1-2 is the call sign of a AH-700 Scout pilot in the United States Armed Forces.[1]


He told the group that they needed to take out the AA guns on the Golden Gate Bridge before they can bring in air support. When they were leaving Raptor 1-1 told Rianna and Hopper to fly with Raptor 1-2. When they were cleared for take off Raptor 1-2 told Warpath to "keep the beers cold". On the way to the Golden Gate Bridge he got clipped by a destroyed helicopter, he said he was losing hydraulic pressure and that there was a fire in the engine compartment. Because of this he had to land near the convoy in which he successfully dropped off Rianna and Hopper.


  1. Golden Gate

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