Raptor 1-1
Status Deceased
Death 2027
Nationality American
Affiliations United States Armed Forces
Appears in Homefront

Raptor 1-1 is the call sign of an AH-700 Scout pilot in the United States Armed Forces.[1]


Raptor 1-1 participated in the Battle of San Francisco. He was one of the first soldiers to greet and congratulate the Montrose Resistance group on their successful delivery of the jet fuel, saying they can finally provide their troops with air support. When they get ready to leave, he tells Connor Morgan and Robert Jacobs to get in his AH-700, while Rianna and Hopper go with Raptor 1-2. As they lift off he turns on the song "Time Has Come Today" by The Chambers Brothers.

Soon after take off they are joined by a group of AH-64 Apaches from the 160th led by Stalker 6-1. On the way they were engaged by Korean anti-air fighter jets which destroyed two AH-700 teams, including Raptor 1-3. Raptor 2-1 was damaged by one of the destroyed helicopters and had to land near the convoy. Raptor 1-1 continued on, and was fired upon by KPA RPG teams. Raptor 1-1 evaded Raptor 1-4 who was hit by a stray rocket and crashed into the Golden Gate Bridge, producing collateral damage.

Eventually, Raptor 1-1 made it to one of the towers on the bridge and scouted for a forward LZ, but all bridge towers were covered with KPA soldiers and RPG teams, whom Jacobs engages with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher. Raptor 1-1 was forced to land at the Lime Point Lighthouse, being the only accessible infiltration point. After Raptor 1-1 dropped off Connor and Jacobs they moved out to provide close air support to American forces on the ground. They were later shot down by a KPA anti-aircraft fighter jet while covering advancing air crews, as well as Jacobs and Connor.


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