The official biography of Kim Jong-il deviates significantly from what is commonly accepted
as the legitimate history. While Kim Jong-il's biographers will tell you that he was born in a
log cabin inside a secret base on Korea's most sacred mountain, the real story is that he was
born in a guerrilla camp in Russia while his father was hiding from the Japanese. He claims to
have invented hamburgers and is, by his account, the greatest golfer in the world. He was at
one point the world's largest consumer of Hennessey and once kidnapped a prominent South
Korean director to create a Godzilla movie for him.

Although these stories are momentarily amusing, the reality is that Kim Jong-il is the center
of a cult of personality, a vicious dictator that keeps his people in perpetual poverty. His
erratic behavior and bizarre policies are impossible to judge from a distance - however,
many who have met with him, including former Secretary of State Madeline Albright regard
him as informed and not delusional. No matter his psychological state, he is clearly a threat
to his neighbors and to the west.

He currently exercises absolute authority in North Korea, but the future of his regime and
his legacy remain in doubt. There are rumors that he has chosen a son to succeed him, and
it's certain that we can expect that son to be fully indoctrinated into Kim Jong-il's vision of
North Korean culture.