Throughout Homefront are real-world brands, such as restaurant chains. Kaos Studios stated that the use of the brands are not for product placement, in which the company received no monetary compensation its use of brands, but for realism in the game's setting. However, level-designer Rex Dickson admitted that having multiple brands appearing in Homefront might do more to crush immersion than if all the brands were fictional.[1]

Coffee BeaneryEdit

Coffee shop that appears in front of the Discount Computers during Fire Sale.

Full ThrottleEdit

Energy drink vending machines. In a corner store, a toppled vending machine is even used as cover for a battle event.


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Seen in Fire Sale when White Phosphorus is deployed on the KPA.

White CastleEdit

Restaurant chain. In Why We Fight, the player and the Resistance enters a White Castle restaurant while fleeing from the KPA. Noticeably, the prices on the priceboard do not reflect the hyperinflation that was alleged to happen about a decade prior in the game's backstory. In fact, the prices appear to be contemporary to the time Homefront was released (2011).

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