Something big is about to happen. Word came down through the Liberty7 network for all fighters to report to Resistance HQ. A bunch of us travelled together... took a couple hours to pick our way over there without getting spotted, even doubled back a few times, but we made it.

I finally got a chance to see the man in charge of our cell, a big guy named Parrish. He was planning something with two other fighters. I recognized Moore, and I think the other guy might've been Ethan Brady. Oh, and the doctor from my check-up (who I later learned is Doctor Burnett). Burnett seemed pissed about something, but I couldn't overhear what.

For security reasons, the cells are decentralized and operate independently, but Parrish seems like he calls the shots for most of the city. It's funny, because all he talks about is how important Ben Walker is to the Resistance. If you ask me, that group I saw - Parrish, Moore, Brady, and Burnett - they're the ones who're keeping the Resistance alive around here if even half the stories are true.

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