Hey Dan,

My hands are shaking so bad I can barely write. Maybe it's adrenaline or maybe it's fear. Probably both. I just want to get my thoughts down and in some sort of order so I can maybe get some sleep before I have to be up again for my watch at 0400.

Three of us - myself, Stevens, and Dufresne - were out in the Holloway RZ checking up on the traps, when one of the spotters called out a KPA patrol headed in our direction. We hid and waited for them to hit the pressure plate. We had just opened fire on the survivors when Stevens got tagged by an airship. The Goliath was on top of us before anyone had time to react. It blew Stevens apart. Literally. One second he was in the street and the next he was hamburger meat. Then it targeted Dufresne, but she was behind solid cover and managed to throw a distraction device. I covered the hundred or so yards to the tunnel faster than I've ever run before.

Stevens is gone, but I can't stop thinking about the Goliath. It's still out there somewhere...

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