Hey Dan,

Long time since I last wrote, but exciting news! I found out cousin, Wallace is with the Resistance. Remember how we used to pick on him? He's huge now.

Anyway, I told him I wanted to join up, too. I was out buying water last week and someone slipped a note in my pocket with a time and a meeting point. I almost didn't go because what if it was a trap, right? But I mustered up the courage and met the recruiter. I had to get a physical from a free clinic, but the doc gave me a clean bill of health. After that, it was movement and weapons training out in the old Elmtree RZ. I've never been so scared in my entire life. Me. In a Red Zone. Armed only with a pistol. But I survived. And these past few days, I feel like a different person. Confident. Maybe even hopeful.

Might be a while before I can write again.

Your bro, Owen.

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