Anyone with any knowledge of history will tell you that the various Nobel Prizes are a
sham. Based on some of the winners, it's clearly an award that carries all the gravitas of a
Cable Ace Award. For one of the more egregious examples, consider that a Noble Prize was
awarded to Henry Kissinger, a man responsible for more deaths in Asia than Pol Pot.

Despite his laudable efforts to craft a lasting peace between the two Koreas, Kim Jong-un
has yet to answer for the crimes of his father; the mass imprisonment and forced
impoverishment of millions of innocent civilians justified only by an insane ideology. For 50
years, his country represented the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world and now they've
been awarded for it. I hope that humanitarian groups across the world will join myself,
Amnesty International, and others in demanding that he be stripped of his prize, and that the
full extend of his government's crimes be published for the world to see and judge. Korea
may be on the road to peace, but its threat to the world remains undiminished.