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Games Homefront
Location Montrose, Colorado
Faction American Resistance
Leader Boone Karlson

The Oasis was the hidden safe haven of the American Resistance based out of an abandoned suburb in Montrose, Colorado. The area was mainly known to house the residents who were either members of the Resistance or strays who wera attempting to escape the KPA. It is unknown when the Oasis was founded, but it was likely founded sometime during the Korean Occupation.


Hidden by camouflage cover and various fences, the Oasis was well hidden from the Korean People's Army for at least two years. It was a self-sustaining hideout in which all the food are grown, consisting of vegetables, and some goats. Electricity is generated by solar panels and windmills, while the water is gathered from rain collection sites.

Robert Jacobs was brought here after he was successfully rescued by Rianna, Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee and Boone Karlson; many of the residents were unsure how they felt about Jacobs being here. There is an entrance from the Oasis to a series of underground tunnels that burrow throughout under Montrose.

Ruins of Oasis.bmp

Connor, Robert, Rianna, and Hopper shown in the center of what remains of Oasis, following the Night Raid.

After the Resistance successfully placed beacons to jet fuel tankers to be track down for the counter-offensive in San Francisco to help the U.S. military, Jacobs, Rianna, Connor and Hopper returned to find that the KPA had found the Oasis, razing the hideout and killing everyone there including Boone. This course of action would force the remaining Resistance cells in Colorado to abandon Montrose and breach through the Wall, in an attempt to retrieve a helicopter and catch up to the fuel trucks that were already on the way to California.


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