Originally touted as a transformative economic alliance, the Greater Korean Republic has
changed into something much different. Based out of Pyongyang in what was once North
Korea, the KPA (Korean People's Army) has grown in size to 25 million strong, thanks
largely to contributions from member states.

Now the largest standing military in the world, the KPA includes an Expeditionary Force of
more than 5 million troops. Typically formed to achieve a specific goal in a foreign country,
the EF has stated mission of "helping countries torn by conflict create a lasting peace." In
part due to this broad directive, the EF is a more dynamic, flexible fighting force than armies
created solely for national defense.

While citizens of member nations of the Greater Korean Republic are guaranteed basic rights
under the GKR Charter, joining the KPA is the only way to gain entrance into the people's
party and secure special privileges, like unfettered travel among member states and
additional fuel rations. Additionally, all family members are guaranteed employment while
any one of them is serving in the Republic Military. Kim Jong-un, former president of Korea,
is the Secretary General and Commander in Chief of the Greater Korean Republic, which
includes Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and
Korean-Occupied Japan.