French authorities presented evidence at the United Nations today that appears to prove
that Korea is using existing Japanese infrastructure to develop nuclear weapons. The
evidence included satellite imagery that showed the Korean Military operating in and around
Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant in Aomori Prefecture. Owned by Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited,
the facility is one of the prime sites in Japan that is separating and enriching nuclear fuel for
use in weapons. French Intelligence also provided evidence that Korean troops were
operating around the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, where the M-V rocket is
developed and maintained. The rocket is based off the American Peacekeeper ICBM and can
be used to deliver payloads, nuclear or not, anywhere in the world.

Although Japan has maintained a strong anti-nuclear stance since the end of World War II,
the tiny island nation has long been considered a "screwdriver's turn away" from being a
nuclear power. They have a well funded ballistic missile program, battleships capable of
delivering the payload and the facilities to enrich the fuel. All that is needed is to assemble
the parts, which -- depending on whom you ask -- would take as long as a month or as little
as 24 hours.

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