We had a good week this week. Winter's coming and people are starting to panic. Business is growing, likely through word of mouth. That worries me a little. More orders, sure, but more loose lips too. Still, the Norks ain't found us yet. I'm glad we all decided to stick to construction materials, rather than guns and ammo. Might get us some leniency, if we ever have to play that card.

Don't forget to remind people deliveries to Earlston are delayed by a couple weeks. Norks set up some kind of gas injection facility in Elmtree, and it's pumping who the fuck knows what into our tunnels, so we gotta find a surface route or a checkpoint collab who's willing to take a long smoke break. Ask Syed to poke around.

Here's the order for next week:

-16 tons of concrete mix -6,000 gallons of diesel -10,000 gallons of desalinated water -20,000 feet of steel cable -1,000 sheets of 20 GA galvanized steel -250 rolls of unfaced insulation (15 in. x 25 ft) -2,000 alkaline batteries -1 wheelchair

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