It's military that can only be described as patchwork. The newly unified, barely
integrated Korean militaries have some of the latest, and oldest military technology working
side by side. The North Korean soldiers that now form the backbone of the military have
trained on nothing more advanced than upgrades of Soviet-era tanks and are expected to
operate vehicles as advanced as the K1 MBT, a variant of the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle

In response to the obvious gaps in training of his soldiers, Korea's new president Kim Jong-un
announced a plan to scrap most of the North Korean Army's ordnance and upgrade their
training in an accelerated program to modernize the military. "The combined Korean
military is now one of the largest standing armies in the world," said Geum Min, a spokesman
for the Korean Defense Department. "We want not only the largest, but also the finest and
most modern fighting force in history."