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"Go liberate somebody else."
— Resident 110-42 to Jacobs

The labor camp prisoners of Montrose are civilians forced to engage in penal labor for the Korean authorities.



He is a smuggler in the camp who sells Korean and American cigarettes to fellow labor camp prisoners.

Resident 110-42Edit

She is seen working on computer parts for food rations. Hopper sees her and suggests desoldering the capacitors first, but she yells at him; in which he points out he was only trying to help and leaves. She believes the Resistance is pointless and their presence in the camp will only result in the prisoners being killed and put in a ditch.

Resident 202-53Edit

He is first seen by the Resistance rolling on the ground, capable of only moaning. After a few attempts at communicating by Robert Jacobs, El-Rey yells at Jacobs to get away from his customer.

Resident 315-48Edit

He becomes nervous at seeing members of the Resistance inside the camp and worrying that the KPA would find them, saying that they are always watching.

Resident 570-25Edit

He is seen staring at a wall of photos. He tells Connor Morgan and Robert Jacobs where they can find Arnie, and stating that if they got caught, he would say he's never seen them before.

Resident 731-89Edit

Upon seeing the Resistance, he very rudely tells Connor and Jacobs to get Hopper (referring to him as a "Korean piece of shit") out of his face. Hopper informs him that he is from Oakland. He said it doesn’t matter, that they are all nothing but trouble anyway.

Resident 954-50 & StevenEdit

He and Steven spots Robert, Connor, and Hopper. The latter asked them if they are from the Resistance, but gets berated by the other to shut up. Resident 954-50 tells the Resistance not to mind Steven.

Resident 991-56Edit

He stood guard for Arnie. When Connor asked him about Arnie, he told Connor that he had never heard of Arnie. In response, Connor headbutts him and shows him Boone’s badge, saying that Boone sent them, before Arnie breaks it up and leads them away.