Montrose Elementary School
Games Homefront
Location Montrose, Colorado

Montrose Elementary School is an elementary school located in the suburbs of Montrose, Colorado. The Wall was built directly along side it, and a nearby neighborhood and the school's athletic fields were used as a labor camp by the NKFOA.


The first reference to the school is seen in the level Why We Fight, painted on the side of the bus used to carry Robert Jacobs after he is arrested by the Korean People's Army. Later, it and it's environment are a major setting in the level Freedom. A shipment of white phosphorous mortar rounds were delivered to the gymnasium, and it was here that Rianna noticed the injury done to Boone Karlson by a KPA Sentry Tower. An American Resistance armory was located in a hallway off the gymnasium as well. The KPA had also set up a labor camp in a neighborhood behind the school, and made use of the athletic fields and the nearby Donovan Memorial Park, although the latter was used as a mass grave. The camp also featured a small holding area for prisoners to be loaded up for transport to the local shale mines. This was also the location of Arnie's betrayal of the resistance to the KPA, followed by his death.


  • In real life, the school is called Johnson Elementary School.
  • At the time of the school's abandonment, the school was preparing for a new school year, with term starting in on September 8th.
  • Plaques around the base of the main flagpole read: "We Salute Everyone that was in the War Room".
  • Most of the graffiti and even the words "MONTROSE ELEMENTARY" are actually floating above the east wall of the gymnasium.
  • The school appears to have been a refugee camp at one point.
  • A door marked with the name of Principal J. Priest can be seen next to a door that opens onto a large classroom in a hallway, and over the door to the main office.
  • The football field visible from the camp has a large banner with the words "Go Wolverines!", this is a reference to the movie Red Dawn, which was, like Homefront, written by John Milius.
  • The school's mascot is a beaver.