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Games found Homefront
Location Colorado, United States
Faction KPA

American Resistance

Residents Boone Karlson

Robert Jacobs
Connor Morgan
Hopper Lee

Montrose is a city in Colorado. It is occupied by the Greater Korean Republic after the Korean invasion of the western United States, and is fenced in by an expansive border barrier called "the Wall." The majority of Homefront takes place in and around Montrose.


Montrose was invaded by the GKR on January 25th, 2025. The mountains around Montrose are rich in shale deposits, giving the GKR incentive to begin mining operations in the area. Thousands of Montrose citizens were imprisoned in the labor camp to be used for slave labor to mine. At first, the occupation was relatively light. Resistance cells soon began arising throughout the city, which fell under the command of Boone Karlson.

  • March 20th, 2026: Ben Walker arrives in Montrose with members from Nguyen Huu Giap's and Wally Kopple's cell to link up with Boone's cell.
  • March 22nd: Connor Morgan leads raid on a KPA supply unit.
  • April 10th: Walker conducts one of the first Voice of Freedom broadcasts via an old radio station. On that same day, a massive KPA contingent invades Montrose and begins installing shale mining equipment, establishing a supply route out of Montrose, and begins drafting citizens to work. Many civilians are killed at Montrose Elementary School during the assault.
  • On April 12th: the KPA begin policing the town in a much more strict and coordinated manner.
  • May 1st: the KPA begins constructing the Wall around Montrose.
  • May 9th: Ben and Kelsie Wilcox leave Montrose.
  • September 1st, 2027: the KPA raid town center of Montrose in response to recent Resistance activities.
  • September 2nd: Boone's cell steals GPS beacons from the Montrose High School Labor Camp.
  • September 3rd: the cell stages a major raid on a KPA supply depot, successfully tagging a fuel truck with a beacon. Later that day, the KPA retaliates by attacking the suburbs of Montrose to eliminate any Resistance forces, which resulted in Boone's death. Soon, a civilian uprising led by the Gunnison cell erupts, resulting in a desperate counterattack. The Wall enclosing the city is breached, allowing a group of resistance members of the Montrose cell to escape.

Major LocationsEdit


This is the area where most residents now live, including Robert Jacobs, who is taken through it on a bus while the KPA executes civilians along main street. Important landmarks included what appeared to be the town hall, a KPA Labor camp holding area, KPA Checkpoint, a White Castle used by the resistance to escape a KPA UH-60 Black Hawk, and a Fuel USA station that that became Montrose's first major firefight.


These make up the most of Montrose, and almost all are abandoned, save for a few squatter camps and resistance hideouts. This played host to a plane crash when the EMP blast took out the nation's power grid and the KPA began its invasion. It also is the home of the Montrose Elementary Labor camp. The Oasis is also built into these ruins.

The WallEdit

The Wall was built by the KPA to keep the population controlled within the city, isolating them and, more importantly, the Resistance. The Wall can be seen from many points within Montrose, including the school grounds. A number of gates are also present. One was destroyed by the Resistance during their escape following the raid on a KPA fuel dump. The Wall is the only place in Montrose where there are no Resistance tunnels, with Connor Morgan stating that it goes "all the way to the bedrock." It is unknown how many other US towns and cities are surrounded by similar walls.

Former ResidentsEdit

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