Michael Hennings
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Affiliations California National Guard
Rank Captain
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Captain Michael Hennings was a California National Guardsman in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom.


Captain Hennings and his unit were stationed in San Diego during the Korean EMP attack. Unable to repel the KPA, they were forced to retreat after taking heavy casualties. They were able to retrieve some Humvees that were not damaged by the EMP due to being in a shielded garage. They fled into Nevada and encountered the future Voice of Freedom, Ben Walker, who would have died from dehydration if it were not for them finding him. Hennings was initially reluctant to have Walker in his unit for being a liability, but reconsidered when Walker suggested to him of being the unit's embedded correspondent. He later assigned Sergeant Wally Kopple to train Walker to use his M4 rifle for future firefights.

Hennings and his unit later scored a small victory against a KPA patrol, disabling the LAV-25 and killing all but one of them whom Hennings later executed. After a short break in Las Vegas, Hennings and his men moved on, while Walker opting to stay in the city. This would be the last time the two would see each other as Hennings, along with a large amount of his men were later ultimately killed by the KPA.