Mi-24 Hind

An Mi-24 Hind

The Mi-24 Hind is a combination attack and transport helicopter of Soviet design. Hinds were used by the Korean People's Army in its original form as North Korea.

KPA UsageEdit

Mi-24 Hinds were used as close support gunships for KPA paratroopers as they advanced through the American midwest in their invasion of the United States, to devastating effect.


  • The Mi-24 does not appear in-game, but is featured in the game's opening cinematic depicting the KPA's airborne advance through the American midwest.

    Mi-24 Hind as seen in the game's cinematic intro.

  • It is highly possible for the KPA to be using the Mi-24s since the former North Korean military operated a certain number of Mi-24 before the reunification.

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