Lisa Burnel
Homefront® The Revolution (2)
Status KIA
Affiliations NATO
Appears in Beyond The Walls

Lisa Burnel is a NATO agent of the Beyond The Walls DLC for Homefront: The Revolution.


Lisa Burnel was a British engineer who was approached by MI6 to volunteer in NATO's mission to liberate the United States from the KPA. She was specifically chosen for her talents and having no family. Burnel was part of a NATO team sent to infiltrate America and destroy APEX's satellite network from annihilating a NATO naval force that will invade America. Her role is to launch a nuclear warhead from an abandoned missile silo base in which the resulting EMP will destroy the satellite network.


The case that contains the nuclear warhead to destroy APEX satellite network.

After arriving in America via submarine, Burnel's group were soon discovered by the KPA. Burnel was the sole survivor after her commanding officer Captain Shaw covered her escape to a nearby church. Burnel then made an encrypted radio broadcast to the Resistance. Her message was received in which she was then met by Ethan Brady. She explained her mission to Brady and with his help managed to recover the warhead and taking it to the silo base. But Lisa was dismayed to discover that the missile is in a state of disrepair. Fortunately for her, Brady and the Resistance helped gather the materials to repair the missile while fending off the KPA.

Just as Burnel was preparing to launch the missile, a malfunction caused the silo launch doors to jam. This forced Brady to jump into the launch shaft to open them manually and trapping him there in the process. Burnel was initially reluctant to launch the missile in which the ignition blast will kill Brady. As Brady tried to urge Burnel to activate the launch button, KPA soldiers broke into the control room and fatally shot Burnel. Although she managed to hit the launch button before dying, forcing the two KPA soldiers to watch helplessly as Brady burned to death and the nuclear missile destroys the entire KPA satellite network.