Mr. Sunderland,

I am writing to report an incident that occurred outside my apartment building on Apex Ave. yesterday.

When I returned home from my shift at the ration depot, I discovered someone had spray-painted "FUCK KPA" and "DEATH TO CLABS" in the alley beside my building. I called a Peacekeeper and, when I checked this morning, the messages were gone. A prison detail must have scrubbed them off during the night.

This event has left me deeply shaken and I fear for my safety. I know there are those who are upset we receive preferential treatment for our services, but this is the first time they've taken direct action. I believe the recent Resistance activity is encouraging them.

As you know, I share the building with a number of other mid-level officers, so I'd like to request a security camera be installed in that alley as a deterrent. I'm sure you can find room in the budget.

Thank you for your time.


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