I'm sorry you couldn't make it to Wednesday's barbeque. People came from all over the neighborhood and picked up a little something special from the ration depot just for the occasion. You shouldn't seen the look on everyone's faces when they bit into the hamburgers and realized they were made of actual ground beef.

My supervisor, Mr. Sunderland, came too, and brought fresh beans and corn from the Green Park plantation, along with a number of his workers to help serve guests. I was glad he could make it. I might be able to turn that into a promotion sometime in the future.

All this to say, I am more than able to provide for both of us, should you ever desire to return. I still wear my ring in the hopes that you might. You've always been passionate, it's why I married you. But this isn't one of the intellectual sparring matches we had in college. When will you understand that the world has changed?

I hope you had a happy 4th of July. Maybe you'll come for Thanksgiving?


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