(Written by Hamish)

The "relocation" began last week. The trucks came and people started getting in with suitcases and boxes. The speakers say they want everyone out of the area by the end of the week, they say it's not safe here, but I'm not going anywhere. This is my home; I've lived here for as long as I can remember.

I gave that Thompson kid one of my smaller firearms. He's got a wife and kid to protect and I worry for him. He's not a fighter but sometimes you have to be if you're going to survive oppression.

These Koreans aren't the first regime to try and move me out of my place. I fought for this damn country, I did my time and this place was my reward. I have too many happy memories to see some government demolish them as if they mean nothing.

I decided I am going to stay here. I've still got all my old hunting gear in the attic. I'll make sure no one comes in to disturb my final days. No one's going to loot my place if I have anything to say on the matter.

I was once holed up in a basement behind enemy lines and held off the enemy for two days! Some scared and poorly nourished civilians aren't going to be much an issue. Folks these days are like a swarm of locusts, taking everything that isn't nailed down for their own selfish needs.

Hopefully I'll be long gone before the KPA decide to come and investigate some crazy old man's house!

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